My name is Patricia Clark. Potential is my passion. I am caring and creative and dedicated to helping, supporting, and guiding people in reaching their individual potential.

My greatest strength is my ability to work fairly and honestly in helping people, and believe in them. Through my caring personality, I am able to help people feel relaxed, valued and listened to. I give space for people to show off their innate abilities. I do this by:

  • Treating people as equals
  • Valuing others’ opinions and thoughts
  • Using a variety of communication skills
  • Valuing diversity
  • Building confidence and character by looking at what they CAN do.

Expertise: Producing engaging written and audiovisual resources. Emotional sensitivity. Presentation and communication skills. Facilitating participation. Simultaneous independent and collaborative working. Creator and user of fun and creative resources. Mentor. Inclusive educator. Providing help to problem solve. Challenging thoughts and ideas. Enjoy being with people and am easy to talk to. IT skills for online tutoring.

Founded by David Shutts OBE following his cancer diagnosis, Astriid believes that the value of work is far more than the wages paid. Employment provides routine, a sense of normality, challenges and rewards, and when approached correctly, can also facilitate a greater sense of wellbeing. Astriid, a UK charity founded in 2018, helps bridge the gap between the Invisible Talent Pool (people with chronic illnesses who wish to pursue volunteering or employment), and the UK skills crisis. Astriid looks to find meaningful employment for people with long-term health issues and their carers.

Patricia Clark is the Head Candidate Coordinator for Astriid.